Metrolan high speed Internet from Indiana Data Center provides high speed Internet throughout the rural communities of Northeast Indiana. Service is delivered through a secure, point-to-point 802.11 microwave link between an installed radio/transceiver from your residence and an Indiana Data Center network access point. Service details include:
  • Best effort download/upload speeds
  • No phone lines required
  • 24 x 7 Unlimited Access and Data transfer
  • 5 email Accounts, "" with Web Email Access
  • Local Service and Support
Service note: Due to the nature of wireless, service is available to residents within an approx. three to five mile radius of a Metrolan network access point. Additionally, a clear line of sight is required between the radio/transceiver at your residence and a Metrolan network access point- meaning no trees, building, or large objects in the way to obstruct the microwave signal.

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